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Our address: Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
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Decoiler SS4E EXA

Product Code: SS4E EXA
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This very useful decoiler can load coils easily with it’s one-sided loading and expandable arbor reel to tighten around the inside diameter of the coil. The Self centering coil mandrel is easy to manually crank for a tight fit around the arbor, and then flanges can be slid on the arms to insure the coil uncoils evenly.   
Expandable arbor reel  can be purchased alone or with stand can be used and interchanged with the following machines:

    Liberty SS4E
    NTM BG7

Directions For Use:


1. Using the Threaded Nut, collapse the arbor small enough to fit into the inside diameter of the coil.  
2. Slide the Expandable Arbor into the center of the coil.  
3. Turn the Threaded Nut clockwise until the Support Bars on the arbor are just snug against the inside of the coil.  
4. Finish by rotating the Threaded Nut clockwise until the Support Bars are very tight against the inside of the coil.  Verify that material is in proper alignment with machine.  The Coil and Arbor are now ready for loading.   
 Caution:  Always use a forklift or other approved lifting device to load or unload reels and coils.           
1. Prepare the reel stand by making sure the Hold Down Brackets are in the unlocked and open  Position.  
2. Using an approved lifting device, lift the reeled coil into the cradles on the reel stand making sure that the tail of the coil is in the correct position for the profile you are running, then remove the lifting device.  
3. Rotate the Hold Down Brackets to the closed position and thread the handle onto the hold down bolt.  If you are going to run panel from this coil, tighten the left and right handle just snug.  Final adjustment of tension should be made while running a panel to keep reel from unwinding material to fast.  As the coil becomes smaller, re-adjustment may need to be made.  Caution: DO NOT over tighten Hold Down Brackets.  Drive and/ or Electrical System Failure may occur.  
4. If you are going to transport the machine after loading coil, tighten the Hold Down Brackets securely to keep coil from unwinding during transport, and secure the loose end of the material to the coil.  
5. Before transporting the loaded Expandable Arbor, you should also secure the coil around the outside edges through the inside diameter using a strap, rope, etc to prevent the coil from telescoping.
NOTE: Make sure Hold Down Brackets are tightened securely and coil is properly tied off before transporting machine. 


Inside coil diameter: 16 or 20 inches (400 - 500 mm)  adjustable

Maximum weight:  3,000 lb / 1,400 kg

Maximum coil width:  26.5 inches (670 mm)

Size:      24x34x42 in (610 x 860 x 1070mm

Weight:  EXA-HD48 - 280 lbs (127 kg)          

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