Decoiler D200

Manual Decoiler 200 

This very useful decoiler can load coils easily with it’s one-sided loading and expandable arbor reel to tighten around the inside diameter of the coil. The Self centering coil mandrel is easy to manually crank for a tight fit around the arbor, and then flanges can be slid on the arms to insure the coil uncoils evenly.


Directions For Use:

To install the coil with material on the decoiler you must do as follow:

  1. Use hand wrench to shrink the reel few inches less than your coil inside diameter ID

  2. Set the coil on the reel

  3. Expand self centering coil reel with a hand wrench, to fix coil on the reel;

  4. Set limiters on the reel paws  

  5. Adjust brake

Once you pull out age of the material from the coil - coil starts spinning. For convenient operation and safety decoiler equipped with a friction brakeexpanding wrench, and limiters for the reel paws.

Safety requirements: maximum weight for the full width coil is 1000lb.  Narrower coils can increase coil weight to 2000 lbs. 



Inside coil diameter: 19 - 24 inches / 480 - 620 mm (13-18” optional)

Maximum weight:  2,000 lb / 900 kg

Maximum coil width:  26.5 inches / 670 mm 

Size, LхWхH:  24x34x42 inches / 610х860х1070mm

Weight:  180 lbs / 80 kg

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