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HAND SLITTER:   24", 36", 48



    1. Blades are easily positioned with provided hex screw
    2. Comes standard with 4 blades for cutting into 3 different strips
    3. Hand crank makes it easy to use for job sites without electric. When motor is needed the hand crank is removed and electric power easily attached
    4. Motor is available to attach easily and quickly
    5. Feed table folds for easy transport
    6. Adjustable feed tray is easily lined up with aluminum roller guides


    Form Bead or Rib                                                      Perforation Rollers

We have used this hand slitter in our shop for more than a decade! It is easy to adjust and slit all kinds of coils fo rmany purposes. Each Hand Slitter comes with 4 knives that allow two cuts with each pass. 

  • Hardened steel, double sided slitting knives for long trouble-free service life.
  • Precision ground & Polished knives provides clean burr-free edges in all types of material.
  • Easy to set up and use knives for slitting, rib forming, and optional perforators reposition in seconds.
  • Slitter knives are easy to configure and can be disassembled to add an optinal perforator die set or additionl knives to meet your changing needs.
  • Folding feed table with roller guides quickly adjusts to different widths of material.
  • We offer a range of optional motors available in both 110v and 220v single phase for international voltages.
  • Optional perforating die set perforates steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper by producing a lanced perforation allowing 3.3"² of net free area, per running foot of metal.
  • Additional accessories such as extra knives for multiple slites, rib forming, perforators, capacity boosters, and booster blocks are available, sold seperately.

Arbor size: 2"


Material                                                   Maximum Thickness

Aluminum (3003H14)             .040" (1.0 mm) slitting, .032" (0.8 mm) perforating

Galvanized Steel                     24 ga. (0.6 mm)

Painted Steel (Grade D)          24 ga. (0.6 mm)

Roofing Copper                      24 oz.

Zinc                                         .040" (1.0 mm)

Stainless Steel (304L)             Please call



slitter configuration




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