Pyrolysis Operation 


We have two great choices:

Integrated Design Component Description

Our integrated design comes with our patented auto feeder that allows whole tires up to 5’ diameter to be fed into the batch pyrolysis feeder without pre-grinding or de-beading. Sizes of 3T, 5T, or 10T are available. 

30 Ton Continuous Pyrolysis Line

This plant is controlled either in manual or automatic mode from the operator’s touch screen. Process date is controlled and monitored by various instruments and control systems. Uses crushed tires for continuous mode. Can process 20 - 30T per day with continuous operation.

What we offer:

‣  Choose high quality material for each part of machine and most manufacturing processes are finished by automatic equipments to give qualified products. 

‣  High manufacturing efficiency, normally deliver goods in 30 days. 

‣  Customized  according to customers’ requirements. 

‣  Offer designs of factory construction & layout. 

‣  Experienced engineers offer onsite guide of installation work and train workers how to operate  the machine. 

‣  Engineer could stay at customers’ factory and run the machine for 15~20 batches for commissioning and training. (Optional with extra cost)

‣  After commissioning we offer 12 month warranty. Offer lifelong paid service after warranty.

Our Qualifications:

CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS oil analysis report, SGS emission report, and patents. 

Our Products:

‣  Waste tire shredding machine
‣  Waste tire & plastic & rubber to oil pyrolysis machine
‣  OTR to oil pyrolysis machine
‣  Oil-sludge refining oil machine
‣  Waste engine oil to diesel distillation machine
‣  Carbon black processing machine 

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