Pyrolysis 30T Continuous

Welcome to our advanced machinery that processes up to 30 Ton tire crumb or crushed plastic 24 hours/day.  Our continuous system operates 24 hr/ day only shutting down for several days per month for maintenance. 

Installation Picture:

Process Description:

1. Crushed material (plastic / tire / rubber) is fed continusly through our PLC controller into pyrolysis reactor with screw auger where it the raw material breaks down through heat in a primarily non-reactive environment. 
2. From the pyrolysis reactor, the oil goes into the condensers, where it is cooled in the heat exchanger using water cooled through cooling towers, and recycled in a continuous loop for cooling. 
3. Oil gas enters the condenser, cools down process liquifies the gas into oil, and the non-condensed gas is used as fuel to sustain the heating process enhancing its performance, thus reducing operating cost.
4. Solid residue is removed by screw auger in the lower part of the reactor, where it is cooled and moved to the receiving hoppers for further processing if desired. 


Integrated Cooling System

Carbon Discharging system

PLC Control and Monitoring System

After Pyrolysis you need some carbon black processing equipment :



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