Portable or Stationary Downspout Machine


Liberty Portable or Stationary Downspout Machine

Pipe Size:  2”x 3”; 3” x 3”; 3”x 4”
•3” Round •4” Round • CUSTOM
(Each machine does one size and configuration)

•Standard 30 ft./min.
•Optional 45 or 60 ft./min. (aluminum)

• Aluminum .019 - .024 in.
• Steel 29 - 26 ga.
• Copper 16 oz.

Warranty: 2 year limited parts warranty

Spools: One 15” I.D. spool included

•110 volt or 220 volt
•ON/OFF switch
•Forward/Reverse switch
•Entrance JOG button

•Portable or stationary
•Semi-automated: length control with limit switch
• Round or rectangular models

Drive System: Urethane top and bottom drive rollers
for smooth even, non-twisting drive

Frame: 1” x 5” Aluminum side blocks

Cutoff Mechanism: Hand operated Quadra-shear with built-in crimper or Cutoff saw (Round models)
Optional automated pneumatic activation

Liberty Round Downspout Machine
  Stationary or Portable

Liberty has developed their industrial and their stationary round downspout machines. Industrial machines use an innovative rollforming process to insure roundness and longevity of their machines. Their Stationary can use the manual eliptical shear rather than the powered shear of the industrial. 

Pipe Size:   •3” Round •4” Round • CUSTOM

•25- 33 feet per minute
•8 - 10 meters per minute

Material:  .015” - .024” (0.4 - 0.6mm)

Material:  .015” - .024” (0.4 - 0.6mm)

Shear: Post forming shear, activated with limit switch

Decoiler: One overhead decoiler with.spool included

Material Width: As per customer preference

Dimensions:: 27ft x 3ft x 4 ft  high (excluding overhead reel and reel holder

Included in line:
•Guiding Mechanism
•Roll Former
•Saw or Elliptical Shear
•Runout Table


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