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This machine provides alternative method of buying expensive knock on flange. (To make a piece of duct in old way you have to take the flange off the shelf, cut four pc, deburr it, fit it with thick expensive corners, place on the end of the raw edge, and either tech screw or spot-weld and seal.) Using TDF you just need to notch your sheet, roll-form the flange, bend up the duct and clip in four regular corners (Automatic corner fixing machine). The TDF method will save you approximately $40 per joint.  Eliminates the necessity to stock knock on flange, it saves your cash flow as well as labor savings. Any serious Duct Manufacturer can not afford to not use either TDC or TDF. You'll be amazed at the savings your business can make with this machine

Technical Parameters:

Speed:      45 ft/min

Stations:   2x14

Capacity:  18 - 24 ga for TDC, 22 ga. for Clip

Power:      3 kw motor 230/60/3

Size:         130 in x 40 in x 56 in  (3300mm x 1000mm x 1430mm)

Weight:     2100 lbs  (950 kg)

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