Square Duct Line 2

Our Duct Line 3 and Duct Line 5
for automated square duct

Duct Line 3 in Shop

PLC controls when the punches operate to cut notches in metal.

1. Technical Details:
  Material Thickness: 0.5mm - ´1.2mm galvanized steel
0.4mm - 1.0mm color steel
Material Width: 48" (1250mm)
weight of coil: up to 5ton
  length for cutting: random
  level  inaccuracy of length: ±0.02 in. ±0.5mm
diagonal inaccuracy of steel: ±0.03 in. ±0.8mm
 producing speed: up to 32ft/min (∫≤10m/min)

Electrically operated decoiler -- 11 roller precision leveler and beading -- Hydraulic notch and square cut -- hydraulic cut to length -- hydraulic foling machine. Includes Hydraulic control system and Mitsubishi or ABB programmable controller with touch senstive high resolution color screen.

Finished Product from duct line 3

Duct Line 5

Fully Automated Duct line with TDF and Pittsburg lock for complete duct manufacturing.

This line can put pittsburg lock for air tightness of seam as well as TDF flange on ends of duct sections.

This automatic duct line has decoilers, leveling rollers, grooving roll, hydraulic notch and punch stations, hydraulic shear, amoveable pittsburgh lock machine, duplex transverse flange manufacturing machine, TDF hydraulic folder and CNC system. It si possible to product square ducts as small as 200mm x 200mm (8" x 8").

Width of the line 14.8 ft. 4.5m
Total length 82 ft. 25m
Max. thickness of strip 1.2mm
Max Strip speed 50ft/min 15.8m/min
Pipe length 48 in. 1250mm
Cut to length 600mm----3000mm
Total power 35kw
Total weight 26,500 lb 12000kg
Operators :four or five persons, one person work to control, two person for adjust
and set mould ,the one person for the last process

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