Hand Slitter:   24”- 60”


We have used this hand slitter in our shop for more than a decade! It is easy to adjust and slit all kinds of coils fo rmany purposes. Each Hand Slitter comes with 4 knives that allow two cuts with each pass. Optional Perforating rollers are available.

Commercial / Portable Slitter: 24” - 72"


Motorized slitter combo for the metal roofing, metal building, and commercial shops in-house or in-field to slit sheetmetal or coil. 

Industrial Slitter:


These automatic slitting lines operate easily and have high productivity. Raw material is hot steel ,stainless steel, aluminum, pickle steel etc . It is mainly composed of un-coiler, feeder, slitter and re-coiler. Its function is to slit a wide master coil to specific smaller width coils.  

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