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Round Downspout Machines

Our newest line of downspout machines includes our 3", 3.5" and 4" Round machines.
These machines run copper, steel, or aluminum. Our advanced stationary model features a complete Urethane drive system for maximum versatility. It can also be made portable for those special needs.

These are also ideal for piping for the HVAC industry for 3" and 4" ductwork.

Stationary Machine Specifications

Standard Pipe Sizes:
3" (76mm)
3.125" (80mm) uses 10.5" coil
3.5: (89mm) uses 11.75" coil
4.125" (105mm) uses 13.75" coil
Option: custom diameter size

Length: 12' 6" with cutoff saw
Width: 15"
Height: 42" (1.1m)
(65" to top of spool holder)

Approx. 30 ft./min.
Optional 45 ft./min. (aluminum)

Aluminum .019 - .025 in.
Steel 29 - 26 ga.
Copper 16 oz.

2 year limited parts warranty

Cutoff saw

One 15" I.D. spool included

1 HP configured to 220 volt
Optional 220v/50 hz.

Auto-stop: length control with limit switch

Drive System:
14 urethane drive rollers

12' Aluminum blocks
Industrial Round Machine Specifications

Pipe Size:
3.14" (80mm)
3.93" (100mm)
Option: custom diameter size

25- 33 feet per minute
8 - 10 meters per minute

.019" - .024" (0.5 - 0.6mm)

Post forming auto-shear

One decoiler with.spool included

Material Width:
4" x 5" --
18" wide coil

Dimensions of Line:
14.5' x 4' x 4.5' high

Power main motor :
3 hp (2.2kw)

Power of hydraulic:
5hp (3kw) 3-phase 240v or 380v

Included in line:
Guiding Mechanism
Roll Former
Hydraulic shear
Runout Table

Round Elbow End Crimpers

PR16 Electric Elbow Crimper
Maximum Capacity
Mild Steel: 16 ga (1.6mm)
Stainless Steel: 20 ga. (1.0mm)
Throat depth: 10" (254mm)
Distance to shaft center: 2.5" (63.5mm)
Speed: 3 - 45 rpm
Power: 1/2hp
Weight: 350 lbs (159kg)

The PR16 power rotary is a versatile machine capable of forming numerous applications up to 16-gauge mild steel materrial.Standard features include variable speed control,heavy cast body with steel body stand.A 1/2-hp gear motor provides smooth operation.The forming pressure is controlled by a crank on the top of the frame on the standard unit. Rolls are ordered separately for this unit.

Crimping,single beading,ogee bending,elbow edging, flattening,wiring,burring and turuing rolls are available.
Please contact Liberty for special application forming.

MR16 Manual Elbow Crimper
Rolls Available

A simple inexpensive alternative to
put crimps manually on downspout, as well as other beads as the PR16 does. The forming pressure is controlled by the crank at the top of the frame. Different rolls are ordered separately for this unit as for the PR16.