Waste Engine Oil to diesel

Waste Engine Oil to Diesel


The process for turnign waste engine oil to diesel requires various steps: the oil-water separator to remove the waste engine oil water content to 1% max, then   pump waste engine oil into the distillation reactor, then heat the reactor by clean natural gas to  begin to refine. The distillation column separates the light oil and diesel oil . After we get the fuel oil, we remove the color and small. 


Advantages of distillation machine


1. With an auto welding machine for the reactor, it can not only greatly improve working efficiency but also guarantee the quality of welding seam, thus avoid any problems. 
2. Professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber are specially designed to insure industry
s highest quality  for welding. 

3. Vacuum system will prevent oil gas from going back to reactor and causing accident.

4. Professional temperature and pressure gauge and safety valve.
5.  C1 to C4 is transferred first through the safety device and safe gas gun. Before burning, we  ensure the safety of production.

Environment friendly:

1.Dedusting system can avoid black smoke. 
2.The waste gas will be recycled for heating reactor, eliminating exhaust pollution
3.Every junction of the reactor is in good sealing situation with professional sealing material.

Long service life:

1.Material: Q345R special steel plate ,thickness 16mm.
2. Welding: Automatic welding machine with heating treatment and x-ray detection will prolong the service life of reactor to the max. 

Sizes: 3 Ton, 5 Ton, 10 ton, or 20 Ton per day. 

Raw Material: Waste engine oil, waste lubrication oil, tire crude oil, plastic crude oil

Operating pressure: normal pressure

Heating: Natural gas recommended

Average output rate: 80% diesel oil, 5% light oil, 10% heavy fuel oil, 5% loss

Reactor material: Q345 boiler plate 16mm thick

Power: 40 kwh

Labor required: 2 workers

After-sales service

1. Installation and Training : Our company will send one technician for each set of machine for guiding your installation, testing the machine and training your workers. The installation period shall be 30 days. You need prepare for the workers ( welder, wireman, construction workers) forklift, water source to cooperate with our engineer to finish the installation.  

2. Warranty : The warranty period is 1 year. The problem caused by wrong operation of workers shall not be responsible by our company.

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