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Introduction to Pyrolysis

Our Pyrolysis plant is designed for recycling tire & plastic wastes into fuel oil. This process is becoming known to more people in recent years as a profitable way to solve the tire and plastic landfill problem. Patents have enabled this process to be streamlined for optimum use.

 Operation & Output
Complete cycle for our integrated system is about 24 hours. Depending on whether the integrated or the continuous system fits you, you can check on the operation and output of plastic or oil pyrolysis.

Integrated Design Component Description

Our integrated design comes with our patented auto feeder that allows whole tires up to 5’ diameter to be fed into the batch pyrolysis feeder without pre-grinding or de-beading.

30 Ton Continuous Pyrolysis Line

This plant is controlled either in manual or automatic mode from the operator’s touch screen. Process date is controlled and monitored by various instruments and control systems. Uses crushed tires for continuous mode.

Carbon Black Processing 

One of the products from tire pyrolysis is carbon black. Normally to obtain higher prices for the product the carbon black is processed or ground to very fine particles

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