Plastic to Oil

Main process description for pyrolysis machine

Plastic to oil line layout

Each Set of Waste Plastic Oil Refining Consists of:

1. Host horizontal rotating reactor. 

2. Auto-Feeding system

3. Pressure,temperature alarm system

4. Automatic slag system

5.The central electric control system 

6. Tank cooling system 

7. Gas heating system (waste gas treatment system)

8. Smoke sulfur removal system

Plastic to Oil Line Installation

Process Diagram of Waste Plastic Refining Equipment


Parameters for Waste Plastic Refining Equipment:

Item                       Details

Raw Material                  Waste plastics like PE, PP, PVC (also possible for waste tires)
Structural Form              Horizontal Rotation
Production Capacity      15-20T waste plastic after drying
Pressure                         Normal Pressure
Fuel                                Fuel oil, natural gas, coal, etc.
Averate Oil Output         50%
Reactor Steel thickness 16mm
Reactor RPM                  0.4 - 0.8 rpm
Cooling Method             Water Cooling
Service Life                    5 - 8 years till reactor is replaced
Footprint                        10m x 40m 

Different plastic waste has different oil yield. Approx oil yield rate of different raw material

PE/ldpe/hdpe        50%-75%
PP                         50%-75%
PS                         50%-75%
ABS                       40%
Plastic bag            50%
PVC                       Not suitable
PET                       Not suitable

ANALYSIS REPORT for plastic oil

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