LC-10BR PIttsburgn Lock Forming Machine      (Call 814-326-4121) or   EMAIL 


LC-10BR Pittsburgh lock-forming machine designed to make 4 types of heavy gauge locks 19 - 26 Ga (0,45 - 1.2mm) low carbon steel. Pittsburgh lock. Seam lock. Locking pin C. Radial single hem L.4th main locks to connect square ducts, round ducts, square elbows, linear connections via C profile.

Radial single hem L

LC-10BR Technical parameters:

Speed:  36 ft/min

Forming Stations: 6 + 6 + 1

Capacity: 19-26 ga / 0,45-1,2mm

Power: 1.5 kWt (2 Hp)  230/60/3 or 120v/60/1  

Size LхWхH: 3.5х1.87х3 feet / 1070х570х920 mm

weight: 500 lbs / 227kg


Locking pin C

Pittsburgh lock. Standing Seam lock. Single Hem L.

Double Hem Z. Standing seam Locking pin C.


Main advantages of our Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machine

  • Heat treated rollers  
  • Machine forms 4 different lock shapes without complex adjustment or rollers change out;
  • Compact size and mobility;
  • High efficiency

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