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DC9 Gutter Recoiler
Portable Gutter Coil Cradle
Only $950 (plus shipping)


Length : 30" Height - 50"

Width : 30" Weight - 90#


  • Bottom cradle handles any size roll
  • Easy on and off of bottom coil
  • Has wheels for easy portability around warehouse
  • Adjustable guide handles different widths of coil
  • Feet and inches counter

Material: Any coil up to 400# and 12" wide

  • (Aluminum minimum .027" thickness)
  • 15" coil with 15" option

Counter: Measures coil in feet and inches

Spool Diameter: DC9 has 9" upper spool

  • DC16 has 16" upper spool

Capacity: Maximum capacity is 300' in small coil

DC16 Decoiler



  • 15" adapter for 6" gutter coil....$155.00
  • optional neoprene mar-resistant surface on botom rollers...$80.00

Rollers: Ball bearing rollers

Structural Steel Frame: Welded steel frame structure for strength and durability

Manufacturer reserves the right to change the dimensions and specifications without notice

Liberty Gutter Coil Cradle


  • Rollers with ball bearing rollers
  • Welded structural steel frame for strength
  • Handles coil for 5" (11.75"wide) to 6" (15"wide) gutter
  • Can be placed on top of gutter machine or at front on floor of vehicle
  • Optional neoprene bottom rollers ( add $60)
  • Handles small coils and regular size gutter coils with quick roller change

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