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The Mark IV Comes in sizes up to 14'6" in length. It features new POWERslot™ technology, provides single user setup and operation in the shop and on the job site. Non-marring vinyl strips protect clad finishes leaving clean crisp bend lines and hems. Our unique cam-locking system clamps to the thickness of the material and not to a factory preset. Should you ever need to fine-tune your brake, each casting comes with independently adjustable UHMW plastic wedges. While some brake manufacturers have taken away your ability to make these adjustments, its nice to know you have the choice, even if you never have to use it.

Includes Xtreme Stand
Patent No: 6,435,460 D437,864

Hydraulic Folding Machines are from 98" to 122" in length (2500 - 3100mm)

Thickness of metal ranges from 12 - 3 gauge (3-6mm)

Hydraulic folder is a high quality, advanced machine developed over several years experience in machine manufacturing.
The folder has a welded steel frame and has a vibration treated material to reduce internal stress. Thus it is durable, rigid and difficult to deform.
The machine is fully hydraulic controlled, quiet and easy to operated. It is suitable for box type products with its split sectional clampers. Maximum opening is up to 200mm, upper clamper auto retraction and fast angle adjustment is available. It is specially suitable for use in the kitchen ware, hardware and the furniture making industry.

This CNC automatic brake can be made up to 37' in length.

It features:

1)Hydraulic drive from top to bottom; unique parallelogram hinge institutions to achieve rotating bending sheet metal flap, the biggest bending angle of up to 125 ° (55 ° angle of the workpiece minimum), without the use of molds.

2)Control of CNC system positioning mechanism to achieve precise positioning plate.

3)Used for control software to achieve interactive programming, the live monitoring, production planning and control functions.

4)The longitudinal first aircraft configuration, the sheet can be implemented at any of the width.